The events committee is focused on creating valuable events with strong content for members around the region. The committee provides direction on sponsorship and marketing initiatives for ANREV events.

  • Name
  • Michael Tanujaya (Chair)
  • Nick Chukiat (Deputy Chair)
    UBS Asset Management
  • Hidetoshi Ono
    Aberdeen Standard Investment
  • Jae Choi
    ARA Private Funds
  • Simon Young
    Charter Hall
  • Koichiro Maeda
  • Gregory Barclay
  • Charles Griffith
    Savills Investment Management

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Danielle Ko
Director - Events

Would you like to join the Event Committee?

From time to time, vacancies arise in our Working Committees, creating opportunities for interested members of ANREV to contribute in a meaningful way to the work of the association. If you are interested in joining this particular committee, do please contact Danielle Ko at [email protected] to make your interest known.

Related Information

  • ANREV offers a range of technical briefings, lunch presentations, investor-only events, diversity and inclusion events, young professionals events, training courses and online webinars.

  • Sponsorship of ANREV’s events demonstrates leadership in the region and aligns your company with efforts to improve transparency and hence accessibility to the industry.

  • ANREV offers members high quality conferences, seminars and round-table discussions, tailored to meet their specific needs.