ANREV performance measurement committee oversees the development of ANREV's indices. The committee oversees the quality and the accuracy of ANREV indices, help to increase the coverage and promote their use in the industry.

The performance measurement committee supports and advises on the development of new indices relevant for the Asia Pacific non-listed real estate industry in order to further increase transparency and accessibility of the market.

The committee members include:

  • Name
  • ANG Choon Beng (Chair)
    GIC Real Estate Pte Ltd
  • Aviral Chaturvedi
  • Cora Chan
    Invesco Global Real Estate
  • Eva Cheng
    APG Asset Management Asia
  • Felicia Erh
    M&G Real Estate Asia Pte. Ltd
  • Hoang Pham
    Nuveen Real Estate
  • Maarten Jennen
  • Marko Multas
    Patrizia Multi Mangers
  • Robert Wagenaar

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Amelie Delaunay
Senior Director, Research & Professional Standards

Would you like to join the Performance Measurement Committee?

From time to time, vacancies arise in our Working Committees, creating opportunities for interested members of ANREV to contribute in a meaningful way to the work of the association. If you are interested in joining this particular committee, do please contact Amélie Delaunay at [email protected] to make your interest known.

Related Information

  • The ANREV Index measures net asset value (NAV) based performance on an annual and quarterly basis using data supplied by vehicle managers. The Index comprises non-listed real estate funds where 90% or more of GAV is targeted to be invested in Asia Pacific. The Index was launched in 2011 with data going back to 2006 and applies the same approach and methodology as the INREV Index for European funds.

  • The ANREV Quarterly Index measures net asset value performance of Asia Pacific non-listed real estate funds on a quarterly basis. Performance is measured net of fees and costs.

  • The Global Real Estate Fund Index (GREFI) measures the performance of Asia Pacific, European, US and global non-listed real estate funds on a quarterly basis.

  • The ANREV Pan Asia Open-End Diversified Core Fund Index (ODCE) is a time-weighted return index with an inception date of Q4 2017, which includes funds with different vintages from 2007 to 2015.

  • The ANREV Australia Core Open End Fund Monthly Index (ACOE) measures the net asset value (NAV) based performance for non-listed open end real estate funds of Australia single country funds with a core strategy on a monthly basis.

  • The IRR Index measures performance of value added and opportunistic non-listed closed end funds investing in Asia Pacific.