Full Membership is made available to institutional investors, investment banks, fund of funds managers, fund managers, and advisors such as accountants, lawyers, fund services providers and property consultants.

ANREV is led by investors, and endeavours to retain 20% of its membership base from these institutions.

In addition the usual products and services, Investors are also eligible to receive additional benefits. These may include exclusive invitations to the Investor Circle events held at regional and annual conferences; speaking opportunities; specific investor-only, tailored training programmes and the opportunity to participate in the Investor Advisory Council (IAC) and related tasks, aimed at improving the transparency of the unlisted real estate funds industry, at local, regional and global levels.

Subsidiary and partner companies are not included under one group membership. Eg. A Fund of Funds organisation and a Fund Manager organisation under the same group would require two different memberships to access all member materials as well as exclusive investor-only benefits.

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All memberships represent a corporate subscription with two designated representatives nominated by the joining corporation having full voting rights.

Membership is unlimited. All global employees of the named member organisation can access the member benefits on request.

Annual Membership Fee: USD 12,500 per annum

  • Full access to all ANREV products, tools and services
    • Market research reports
    • Vehicles Universe
    • Performance measurement indices
    • Index analysis tool
    • Regulatory & tax news
    • Sustainability case studies
    • ANREV Library & Publications
  • Access to the INREV Guidelines, online tool & self-assessment (ANREV promotes the INREV guidelines and global standards)
  • Training
  • Access to 50+ events per annum
  • Opportunity to present in domestic, regional and annual events (please submit speaker biographies)
  • Young Professionals programmes
  • Opportunity to participate in committees and working groups
  • Right to vote at the AGM
  • Opportunity to contribute to the long-term development of the industry
  • Weekly newsletter

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Eunjin Choi
Director, Membership

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