The Asia-Pacific non-listed real estate funds market is a maturing and growing one, full of opportunity. Joining ANREV allows organisations to support the growth, best practice and transparency of the industry, in their own best interests.

Tangible benefits to membership include access to a range of market information, the ANREV Funds Database, a wide and growing range of research reports and technical papers, a suite of performance measurement indices as well as industry standards and guidelines.

ANREV also hosts a range of events, including lunches, technical briefings, regional conferences and the ANREV Annual Conference, which attracts more than 400 leading industry figures from around the world. There are sponsorship options for these events.

Membership Benefits

Benefits of membership come from the collective efforts to build an independent source of knowledge as an essential resource for the industry. The association also distributes knowledge around Asia Pacific to help understand what comes next for the industry.

  • Access to Data and Insights

  • Fund Performance and Market Surveys

  • Vehicles Universe & Analysis Tool

  • Understanding of Industry's Returns

  • Membership Community & Knowledge Sharing

  • INREV Guidelines & Standards Access

  • Access to Case Studies and Reports

  • Training & Development Programme

  • 50+ Events Annually

  • Young Professionals Programme

Membership & Package

ANREV's membership has grown from nine founding members to a network of over 200 key organisations across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North America since inception in 2007.

As a member-driven association, we seek new members who are currently active in, plan to enter or expand in the Asia Pacific non-listed real estate funds market. In particular, in selecting new members we prioritise those who are working to support the industry’s long-term development through contribution of data, adoption of guidelines and participation in activities.

All members are eligible and encouraged to participate in committees and working groups gatherings. Membership of this group is regularly rotated and the Executive Office will advise when positions are vacant.


You can review the Data Privacy Policy and complete the Membership Application Form

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Eunjin Choi
Director, Membership

Reasons for Joining ANREV

Related Information

  • Once the Board has approved the membership or subscription, the applicant will be notified.

    An invoice will be sent within 30 days. Payment is due and payable in full, within 30 days of the invoice being issued.

    The invoice is recommended to be paid by bank transfer. If paid by cheque, a surcharge will be levied to cover additional costs.

    Credit card payments are also available using PayPal with a 3.00% transaction fee on top of the invoiced amount.

  • Membership is continued automatically every year unless written termination is received at least four weeks prior to the renewal date (December 31st each year).

  • Members wishing to cancel their subscription should do so in writing at least four weeks prior to their membership renewal date (31st December each year). A minimum of one full calendar year applies to all new members. Subscription fees are non-refundable. The cancellation is confirmed once the company has received written confirmation from ANREV.

    To encourage longevity of our member base and the quality of our data, should an organisation with to re-join ANREV, a re-joining fee will apply in addition to the standard membership fee.

    If a member does not comply with the Terms of Membership, the Executive Board can decide to suspend and then revoke membership.

  • All new memberships and subscriptions are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Upon approval, membership becomes effective on the date of registration once approved.