Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in real estate are taking an increasingly important part of the investment process. Investors are screening these factors as part of their due diligence process for non-listed real estate vehicles.

The major contribution that the real estate industry can make to the creation of a sustainable environment is widely recognised, and the property investment industry has continuously increased its efforts and activities in this area in the past years. Consequently, sustainability reporting has become a natural part of a company’s annual reports and sustainability initiatives have advanced to play an important role in the operational performance of real estate investment vehicles.

With this in mind, ANREV actively supports the consideration of ESG factors in the non-listed real estate funds industry in the Asia Pacific region in endorsing the INREV Sustainability Guidelines and providing our members with resources and insights.

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Amelie Delaunay
Senior Director, Research & Professional Standards

ESG Committee

In order to support the drive for more sustainable real estate funds, this committee develops guidance for funds so they can incorporate sustainability issues into their regular reporting to investors.