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We provide the data and research tools to drive successful real estate investment decisions.

ANREV's Research Package has been designed to bring together all of ANREV's research and market information into one package, suitable for organisations focussed on our output.

Purchasing ANREV's Research Package costs the same as standard annual ANREV membership.

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Corporate level membership including unlimited user profiles plus two, self- designated representatives able to vote at the AGM.

Additionally, ANREV Research Package subscribers can participate Events and Training, and volunteer their time in Working Groups and Committees with both short term and long term goals to guide the activities of the association.

Annual Subscription Fee: USD 12,500 per annum

Investors are subscribing to the ANREV Research Package to benefit from:

All Subscribers Find That

  • Our impartial, not-for-profit source of non-listed real estate industry data can be used to create investment models, track and measure investor returns and guide strategic decision making.
  • Our Annual Research and Data Package provides a service for investors and GPs that is time-efficient, accurate and up to date.
  • 98% of those surveyed find our industry data relevant, very relevant or extremely relevant*

*2018 membership survey

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Eunjin Choi
Director, Membership