The Membership Committee provides input to assist in delivering tangible benefits to members and to ensure services are conducted according to members' requirements. The Committee offers advice on the recruitment of new members to ensure that membership is representative of the non-listed real estate funds industry across Asia, focusing on institutional investors as well as managers, service providers and academic bodies.

The committee members include:

  • Name
  • Jun Ho Lee (Chair)
    Mocean Capital Limited
  • Min Hyuk Lim (Deputy Chair)
    Townsend Group
  • Thaili Chi (Deputy Chair)
  • Adam Pillay
    Greystar Real Estate Partners
  • Akira Nishimura
  • Bernhard Karas
    CapitaLand Ltd
  • Johnny Chio
    CPP Investments
  • Robert Koot
    Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors B.V.

Do you have a question?

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Eunjin Choi
Director, Membership

Would you like to join the Membership Committee?

From time to time, vacancies arise in our Working Committees, creating opportunities for interested members of ANREV to contribute in a meaningful way to the work of the association. If you are interested in joining this particular committee, please email Eunjin Choi at [email protected] to make your interest known.

The working committees are a key resource for ANREV, composed of members who meet throughout the year. The Membership Committee meets monthly in person and over VC to discuss the strategic focus of the association in relation to industry representation and benefits to members. This helps the association to prioritise its efforts to further the development of the Asian non-listed vehicles sector.