The Council's purpose is to represent Managers and raise issues of concern and interest to the Manager community with the Chief Executive. It is to grow the reputation of the Association amongst Managers by assisting in the growth in membership. It's role includes commentary on Association output, ranking priorities and suggesting new coverage to the Chief Executive, reviewing applications to join the Council and to nominate candidates for Management Board seats.

The council members include:

  • Name
  • Paul Keogh (Chair)
    Morgan Stanley Real Estate
  • Calvin Chou (Deputy Chair)
    Invesco Global Real
  • Alex Jeffrey
    Savills Investment Management LLP
  • Andrew Moore
    Schroders Capital
  • Charles Cosgrove
    ARCH Capital Management
  • Ellen Lee
    Phoenix Property Investors
  • Jing Dong Lai
    M&G Real Estate
  • Karan Bolaria
    Godrej Fund Management
  • Keith Fujii
    LaSalle Investment
  • Louise Kavanagh
    Nuveen Real Estate
  • Nicholas Harris
    HMC Capital
  • Thomas Hirschvogel
    Patrizia Immobilien AG
  • Tjarko Edzes

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For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Charles W. Haase
Chief Executive

Would you like to join the Manager Advisory Council Group?

From time to time, vacancies arise in our Working Committees, creating opportunities for interested members of ANREV to contribute in a meaningful way to the work of the association. If you are interested in joining this particular committee, do please contact Charles Haase at [email protected] to make your interest known.