Global IRR Q2 2022

05 Oct, 2022
  • The eleventh consultation release of the Global IRR Index includes 341 funds with non-core strategies, comprising of 299 value added and 42 opportunity funds.

    Key highlights:
    > This Global IRR Index release features 72 Asia Pacific, 118 European and 151 US funds
    >Funds launched in 2018 reported the highest single vintage performance of 18.3% average IRR
    >Funds launched in 2020 showed a biggest quarterly decrease of -2.26% in IRR among all vintage 
    >By region, the USA’s 2008-2010 vintage group continued to be the best performing group compared to other vintage groups with an average IRR of 18.7%

    Global IRR Q2 2022PDF
    Global IRR Q2 2022XLSX
    Global IRR Q2 2022 SnapshotPDF
    Global IRR Q2 2022 SnapshotXLSX

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Justin Wong
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