ANREV / INREV IT ROADMAP update: Enhanced tools for ANREV and INREV members and data contributors

25 Mar, 2022

Since 2018, ANREV has partnered with INREV to develop the IT roadmap programme. The program, which includes the development of an enhanced data platform and a data warehouse which supports it has already begun to add value to members of both associations.

This infrastructure has enabled members and data contributors to input performance data and access bespoke analytics though a fund analysis tool.

Among other enhancements, the management of uploaded data has been improved with further data checks and validations; and the underlying datasets have been extended to include historical data from the Capital Raising and Fund Manager surveys.

One of the objectives of the project has been to develop enhanced analysis tools for ANREV and INREV indices. On this front, ANREV and INREV fund level indices as well as INREV German vehicles index have been made available to users in November 2021. A similar analysis tool for ANREV and INREV ODCE indices will be available to users in May 2022.

For further information on the IT roadmap, please click here.

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Amelie Delaunay
Senior Director, Research & Professional Standards