ANREV Quarterly Index Q2 2021

15 Sep, 2021
  • • ANREV’s All Funds Index returned 3.61% in Q2 2021, up from 1.42% in Q1 2021.

    • All Style returns improved in Q2 2021.

    • Core funds outperformed value added and opportunity funds with returns of 3.77% versus 2.89% and 2.51% respectively.

    Data contributions were received from 89 funds with a total gross asset value of US$150.0 billion. Further detail of the sub-indices which cover fund style and various geographies can be found in the full report.

    We would like to thank all the companies that supported the data collection exercise and look forward to your continued support in the next round of data collection.

    If you have any questions about the ANREV Index or want to take part in this industry-led initiative, please contact Daisy Huang or Justin Wong.

    ANREV Quarterly Index Q2 2021 SnapshotPDF
    ANREV Quarterly Index Q2 2021PDF
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Justin Wong
Index Analyst