ANREV Capital Raising Survey 2020

15 Apr, 2020
  • With the popularity of the Asia Pacific non-listed real estate market continuing to increase, it is timely to assess how much capital is entering the market and what this figure represents on a global basis.

    The Capital Raising Survey was first launched in 2014. This survey gives an insight into capital raising activities within the non-listed real estate industry by region, product type and investment strategy. The non-listed real estate products include separate accounts, joint ventures, club deals, funds of funds and non-listed real estate debt products. The report offers detailed insights into global and regional capital raising figures.

    The 2020 survey attracted the participation of 159 fund managers globally, and although this is lower compared to last year when over 200 respondents were included, the total capital raised for new investments into real estate ran up to a record of US$225.8 billion.

    Capital was sought for 982 vehicles which equate to a minimum of US$220.3 billion of new equity raised for investments into non-listed real estate, a substantial increase compared to the previous record of US$185.4 billion for 2018. The Asia Pacific region attracted US$32.8 billion of equity, a significant increase to the previous years’ figure of US$26.9 billion.

    2020 ANREV Capital Raising Survey - ReportPDF
    2020 ANREV Capital Raising Survey - InfographicPDF
    2020 ANREV Capital Raising Survey - SnapshotPDF

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