ANREV/INREV Fund of Funds Study 2019

17 Jul, 2019
  • • At least a fifth of investors are looking to maintain or increase their exposures to funds of funds

    • As a group funds of funds delivered positive returns of 6.7% in 2018

    • Global strategy vehicles represent the largest share of funds of funds

    Five consecutive years of positive growth saw funds of funds achieve a positive return of 6.7% in 2018.

    In total, ANREV and INREV Funds of Funds Universes (‘Universe’) contains 51 funds of funds managed by 23 managers from the funds of funds universe. Collectively these vehicles represent a total Net Asset Value (NAV) of US$20.1 billion. Ten funds of funds indicated their preference to remain anonymous and therefore the online Funds of Funds Universe shows only 41 of the 51 funds of funds.

    The performance data presented in this report is not intended to serve as a benchmark and should be used for research and information purposes only.

    ANREV Fund of Funds Study 2019 (Report)PDF
    ANREV Fund of Funds Study 2019 (Snapshot)PDF

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Amélie Delaunay
Research and Professional Standards