• ANREV Professional Standards Committee and PwC invited investment managers to a series of round table discussions, hosted in Hong Kong and Singapore, which provided opportunities for managers to discuss with their peers their views on the many challenges related to reporting under current market environment.

    Although 2022 saw most Asia Pacific markets—with the exception of China— begin to shake off the effects of regional COVID restrictions, as investors look to 2023 they find themselves confronted with a different, but no less dangerous, set of threats: high inflation, rising interest rates, unsustainable levels of public- and private-sector debt, and an impending global recession. Uncertainty in the market has also impacted transaction flows. With less recent comparables and market data available making valuation a potential challenge for this year-end.

    In previous years, members have expressed concerns about the availability of current market data, especially when the markets are turbulent, and there has been a perceived time lag developing between market movements, and external valuations, due to the period of comps used.

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