• ANREV and PwC are pleased to publish the Real Estate Fund Managers’ Benchmarking Survey 2021. This is the second time we publish this Survey after 2017. The Survey attracted participation of 31 funds managers, representing more than US$1 trillion of real estate assets under management globally.

    The publication gathers information about key industry operational trends and metrics of real estate fund managers with significant operations in Asia Pacific, including organisational information, governance, sustainability and risk management, administration, valuation, technology and operations, regulatory information and reporting.

    Key findings include:

    • Headcount: 42% of respondents report that they are expecting to increase headcount in 2022, indicating a positive outlook for Asia-Pacific business in 2022 and beyond.
    • Sustainability and climate risk: 90% of respondents have a formal policy on sustainability and climate risk and 19% of respondents says sustainability and climate risk can be a deal breaker when making investment decisions.
    • Investor reporting: 64% of respondents follow INREV Standards for investor reporting which is the highest amongst guidelines published by all industry associations.
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