Unlisted real estate - balancing risk and return

24 Aug 2022 @ Melbourne
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ANREV is delighted to announce the 7th Australia conference is successfully held on 24 August 2022 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Melbourne, and live streamed to overseas attendees.

Stiff measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus pushed Australia into recession for the first time in a generation, however its real estate market remains popular with investors, who value its transaprency and relatively high yields.

Has the pandemic changed everything? This year's keynote speaker Bill Evans, Chief Economist of Westpac examined Australia's economic performance and outlook in a global context and looked at the underlying economic and geoplitical drivers of its real estate markets. Following the presentation, Tony Charles, Global Head of Research & Strategy at Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing examined Australia's place in the real estate investment world and found Australia continued to be a favoured destination for global capital.

Investors and industry experts from Australia and overseas discussed a number of key trends, such as asset allocation betweeen Australia and the rest of the world, and which real estate sector is the best bet for post-pandemic investment.

The conference also featured a new format, fireside chat with David Harrison, Chief Executive of Charter Hall who joined online from Sydney and Pete King, Head of Property at VFMC, discussed Australian real estate, strategies for success and what he's learned from more than 30 years in real estate.

The conference concluded with an in-depth interview with veteran investor Barry Brakey, learning from his work in Australia and beyond as well as his breadth of experience, which covers sovereign heavyweights and entrepreneurial growth business.

Guests then moved to The Plaza Ballroom and thoroughly enjoyed well-deserved cocktails and dinner.




Wednesday 24 August 2022


12:30 –17:30 Main Conference
18:30 – 22:30 Cocktails & Dinner


Grand Hyatt Melbourne - Main Conference
Plaza Ballroom - Cocktails & Dinner

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