INREV Guidelines and Due Diligence

08 May 2012 @ Seoul

This briefing was co-organising a briefing with KPMG and Greenhill on the INREV Guidelines and Due Diligence in Seoul, Korea. At this event Mr. Seiki Kang of KPMG / Samjong Investment Advisory introduced the INREV Guidelines and how they positively effect investment business. Mr. Manjul Ramchandani from Greenhill brought his expertise on Due Diligence.

Speakers  : Seiki Kang, Executive Director, Samjong Investment Advisory

                   Manjul Ramchandani, Principal, Greenhill & Co.

We would like to thank KPMG / Samjon Investment Advisory for providing the event venue.

If you are ANREV member, you are able to download the presentation file by login to the publication page.