The Sustainability Committee is focused on increasing understanding of environmental and social aspects of the non-listed real estate industry in terms of reporting to investors and best practices for fund managers.

The committee help promoting adoption of the INREV Sustainability standards and the adoption of environmental and social factors into real estate investment decision making process.

The committee members include:

  • Name
  • Tom Miller (Chair)
    LaSalle Investment Management
  • Alton Y W Wong
    Cushman & Wakefield
  • Chewy Chang
  • Edward Boyd
  • John Moutsopoulos
  • Jonathan Waite
    APG Asset Management Asia
  • Melissa Schulz
  • Michael De Jong-Douglas
  • Paul Williams
    UBS Asset Management
  • Ryan Ho
    M&G Investments
  • Todd Wong
    JP Morgan

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Amélie Delaunay
Director, Research and Professional Standards

Would you like to join the Sustainability Committee?

From time to time, vacancies arise in our Working Committees, creating opportunities for interested members of ANREV to contribute in a meaningful way to the work of the association. If you are interested in joining this particular committee, do please contact Amélie Delaunay at [email protected] to make your interest known.

Related Information

  • ANREV actively supports the drive towards sustainability in the non-listed real estate funds industry in the Asia Pacific region. To promote best practice across the region, ANREV has established a Sustainability Committee, whose members meet regularly during the year.

  • The INREV Guidelines provide a sound basis for consistent and detailed information exchange and reporting to investors. The Guidelines are organised into eight modules, six have assessments.

  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) continues to gain momentum across the non-listed real estate sector, impacting today’s business strategies, social and financial returns, and company ethos.